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Personal Trainer - Jason DawsonMeet Your Trainer

Here you will find profiles our personal trainers.

Jason Dawson

I have always had a passion for training and fitness and I moved to Beechworth to continue this passion with my wife Jodie and two boys, Isaac and Caleb. We reopened Beechworth Fitness in April, 2009 and have been warmly welcomed by the people of Beechworth.

The key to my personal training is in my motivation techniques. I don't believe in yelling and screaming, but positive encouragement. I also recognise that everyone is different, have varying goals and respond to different motivators.

So whether it's losing some extra kilos, building muscle, toning up, getting stronger, or training with a specialist sporting focus, I can develop a program to suit your needs.

So come and see me today and challenge yourself. You will be surprised at what we can achieve together!

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Kat LivingstoneKat Livingstone

We are all different; we have different goals, different abilities and different demands on our lives. My goal is to help you work towards achieving your potential, to challenge yourself and to create change.

There are many great examples of what humans can achieve, both famous and average, in the past and in the present, both big and small. I believe and live with the knowledge that every level of experience has value and I want to show you your value

So make an appointment with me for a complimentary consultation if you are ready to create change.

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Pete QuonPete Quon

Over 10 years as a qualified personal trainer has lead me to understand that people have different goals, one might want to do a triathlon whilst the other simply wants to keep up with their kids.

I want to really understand what you are trying to achieve and then maximise your time a effort with effective training practices in a motivating a approachable environment.

So make an appointment with me for a complimentary consultation if you are ready to create change.

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